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User's guide

Browse the latest platform documentation and get the most out of your documents with Addmin!

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Account creation

Open the application from iPhone, Android or Computer:
  • Press the Registration button
  • Enter Account Name + E-mail
  • Set a password and access code
🔐 On the mobile app, enable Touch/Face ID to log in securely faster.
🔐 On computer, enable two-factor authentication(direct link)
🔔 Enable notifications that will allow you to track your reminders and expiration dates of your documents.

Capture and digitisation

Mobile scanner

With Addmin's integrated scanner, you can scan any document that you still receive in paper format, such as invoices, receipts or receipts.
  • Click the + sign at the bottom of the home screen
  • Place the document to be scanned on a flat surface
  • Position yourself on top of it to scan it
  • Place the document in the blue frame displayed on the screen
  • You can add pages or finish your scan, and check the quality of the document

Import a document

It is possible to import digital documents stored on your smartphone and computer. This facilitates the transfer of documents that you may already have in digital format.
  • From the home screen of the mobile application, click on the + icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on "Import" - this will redirect you to the options (phone documents, third party cloud storage, etc.)
  • From the web, select "Add" from the menu on the left of your screen
  • You can add several documents per import

Addmin e-mail address

Your Addmin email address is an email address unique to your account that automatically extracts the PDF attachment from every email sent to it. In short, it is the equivalent of your mailbox, in digital format.
  • Access your personal e-mail address in the My Account section
  • You can copy this address into the Addmin application
When you redirect an e-mail to your Addmin e-mail, the corresponding document - including the attachment - will be found in your current tasks, in the documents to be processed and in your recent documents.

When should I use my Addmin address?
  • Redirect PDF attachments in your emails in Addmin
  • Use this address from a printer/scanner as a "Sent to" reception
  • Share this email address as a reference with your customers, suppliers & partners

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Process & classification


Once a document is created on Addmin, you can file it manually or automatically (see below)Manage reminders and label your documents.

This document page allows you to :
  • Define the type(s)
  • Set the date
  • Setting reminders


Useful link: Customise your files in 3 steps
  • Click on Sort
  • Chose the folder(s)
  • Find the file(s) quickly with the search bar
🔔 More information on multi-file indexing : Classifying a digital document, paradigm shift


Managing your reminders and expiry dates ensures that you are always up to date with your important documents and, above all, that you are automatically notified so that you do not miss any deadlines (contracts, guarantees, offers, etc.)

The notification preferences allow you to set different automatic notifications for reminders and expiry dates respectively. In this context, we advise you :
🔔 Note: Your reminder or expiry date is then set and you can track all important dates in your current to-do list.


Ongoing tasks, accessible from the home screen, ensure that you can keep track of your documents that require action or follow-up on your part at all times. They bring together all your created but unprocessed documents, all your outstanding reminders and also allow you to add personal tasks not linked to a document. The types of ongoing tasks available are the following:
  • To be processed: Documents added on Addmin but not processed
  • To be filed : Documents processed but not filed
  • Recalls: Recalls and expiry dates set

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Powerful indexing

In Addmin, you associate labels to your documents, which are then "fed" with additional information. Compared to a classic tree structure, your documents can be classified in several folders and be defined as invoice and contract types at the same time.

This approach makes it possible to search for your documents on the basis of their data:
  • Keywords: Find a document based on a keyword present in the document
  • Type: Select the type of document you are looking for
  • Folders: Select the folders to which your documents belong
  • Smart Data: Specify the information related to the data extracted from your documents
  • Dates: Define timeframes for adding or dating documents
Example: You are looking for a document that contains the keyword "Customer 1", whose type is "Invoice", whose amount is greater than $100 and which was added in the first quarter (i.e. 01.01.2022 to 31.03.2022).

Addmin automatically retrieves all documents that match these parameters.


Automate classification

Some documents are repetitive, linked to customers, partners or suppliers. You can automate classification by setting up rules based on specific events. Below you will find the different options available to you, and we are constantly adding more!


This classification is based on a keyword trigger.
  • Add the "Keyword" trigger which can be anywhere in your document
  • Define the results in "actions": files and types

E-mail reception source

This classification is based on the address of the PDFs received on your addmin email.
  • Add the "Mailbox" trigger
  • Define the results in "actions": files and types

User rights management

On Addmin, you can invite your collaborators on the account by subscribing to a "PRO" plan which allows the addition of users. Whether to view documents (read mode) or to process them (management mode). This article explains how to set up this feature.

Go to the users page
Click on Account > Settings > Users > Select the user you wish to manage. Direct link

Access modes

Inherited: This right follows the logic of the main folder. In other words, all subfolders will automatically be defined with the role of the main folder.

Read only:
Access to the documents in the folder. It will not be able to edit the document but will be able to read and access it, either from the computer or the mobile application.

Management: Access to the documents with the ability to edit all fields, change the status and reclassify the document. The user can only file a document in the (sub)folder(s) assigned to it. If a document is already filed in a folder to which the user does not have access, a new filing by the user will add the corresponding folder without deleting the previous filing.By default, a new user has no access rights. You can assign different access rights for each (sub)folder.


Marc is a project manager for LaboLab XYZ. He imports a supplier invoice and files it in Supplier > Supplier 1, Products > Product 1 and Finance (main folder). She takes note of the invoice classified by marc in Finance and adds Accounting > VAT sothat her colleague Marie can post it. Marie is the VAT manager for LaboLab XYZ. She is only allowed to access the documents that Jane validates and files in VAT.

In this case:

Marc sees the document classified in Supplier 1, Product 1 and Finance Jeanne, who has access to all the files, sees the document classified in Supplier 1, Product 1, Finance and VAT 2022 Marie only sees the document classified in VAT

The permission given to a main folder overrides the permission given to the sub-folder. If the basic permission is "Hidden. In order to allow a user to add and/or access the newly created document, assign the management right to the default folder "To be filed". To allow a user to add and/or access the newly created document, select the "To be filed" folder with the "Manage" right.

Change account

Adding a user to your account means that they create their own personal account. Once the invitation is accepted, the change between accounts is very simple.

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