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Tips & Trick

Why organize your documents in digital format?

Day after day we receive documents: estimates, invoices, communications from our insurance companies, suppliers and many others. Day after day we tell ourselves that we will deal with them tomorrow. By dint of putting off all this paperwork, we find ourselves at the end of the week, or worse, the end of the month, swimming in a pile of papers to be signed, scanned, paid for, sent back and filed. Finally, because it has to be done at some point, we take time out of the weekend with the primary aim of reducing the amount of paperwork that accumulates.

After paying a few bills comes the big question: what should we keep and then file in one of the many binders that accumulate in our home? Most of us make the decision to keep everything, because you never know, maybe we'll need it one day? And that takes up space in our homes, doesn't it?

Then in January comes the tax return. And again we dive into our filing cabinets to find bank statements, mortgage papers, income statements and many other supporting documents. We take time out of our busy schedules to get the return in on time.

How to make life easier?

The advantage of digital technology, beyond the space that your documents do not take up by definition at home, is access. Wherever you are, whenever you want, it is possible to get your hands on an important document, in order to share it or simply to read it. The constraints linked to digital technology can slow down its adoption.

How to organise your files?

How can you be sure that each document is filed in the right place?

Which tool should be used for reminders?

Is your data 100% confidential?

These questions were naturally the starting point and the very reason for the development of Addmin. The application provides you by default with a complete organisation of relevant folders and subfolders that facilitate filing. The latter also and especially works in the form of "tagging": in other words, you can classify the same document in several folders in order, among other things, to be able to find it more easily!

Finally, we work with private cloud storage providers, who guarantee the security of your data and have thought of the solution as your safe from the start: your data remains yours and you control it, 100%. More info on this subject at OUR MANIFESTO !

Any questions? Do not hesitate to write to us VIA EMAIL or directly to INFO@ADDMIN.COM.