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Intelligent document processing

Smart scans: automatic processing with artificial intelligence

With Addmin, no more repetitive tasks and no more manual search for key information. Thanks to the automatic processing provided by Smart Scans, Addmin suggests the most suitable classifications and extracts the key information for you. Below we explain how it works and how you can activate it and take advantage of it to simplify your daily life!

Access to Smart Scans

Depending on your subscription plan, you have access to a defined number of Smart Scans . You can always subscribe to additional packages as needed, independent of your subscription!

Definition of a Smart Scan

We process your document and perform 2 main tasks.

1) The classification is suggested by taking into account the keywords in the document which can then also be used in the search, thanks to optical character recognition technology.

2) Smart Data is the information extraction that allows quick access to key information such as IBAN, reference number or amount and also allows the identification of important dates.

Addmin considers the processing of a Smart Scan successful and therefore counted if at least 6 pieces of information can be suggested and/or extracted (i.e. Smart Data, see below).

Performing a Smart Scan

When a document is created, click the green Smart Scan button. Your document is then sent for smart processing. You can access it at any time in your current tasks and in your recent documents section. Processing a Smart Scan takes a few moments. If you do not wish to use a Smart Scan quota , Addmin allows you to select manual processing. Finally, it is good to know that when your document is sent for a Smart Scan, suggestions for types, dates, reminders or folders will not be made if you process your document before the expected results.

Please note that currently Smart Scans are automatically considered for documents sent to your addmin email address "". We are planning to adjust this setting.
From your computer
Select "Smart Scan" at the time of import to take advantage of the smart features!

From the web version
Below (left to right): Accessing the Smart Scan button, Viewing Smart Scan suggestions, Accessing extra Smart Data.