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Processing your document on Addmin

Manual processing versus Smart Scan

Once a document is created on Addmin, you can manually process and file it by clicking on Process and file (see below.) The application allows you to manage its reminders and tag your documents. If you want to let Addmin manage your documents and automatically extract certain information, for example for invoices, the Smart Scan option allows you to do so.

Finally, you can always decide, once the document has been added, to Edit later. This last action automatically creates a To Do task in your Current Tasks.

Decide to process manually, automatically (Smart Scan) or later!

Document processing page

The processing page, accessible from your recent documents or your current task list, allows you to :

  1. Define or one of several types
  2. Set the date of the document
  3. Set reminders and associate deadlines with them
  4. Tag your documents for tax purposes
  5. Add a personal note
  6. Filing your document

🔔 Note: You can finalise the processing of your document by filing it in a folder(s). If you don't file it, rest easy as you will simply find your document in your Tasks under the blue To be filed status.

Tracking your tasks

Your current tasks, accessible from the home screen, ensure that you can keep track of your documents that require action or follow-up on your part at all times. They bring together all your created but unprocessed documents, all your current reminders and also allow you to add personal tasks not linked to a document.

The types of current tasks available are as follows:

  • To be processed: All your documents added on Addmin but not processed
  • Recalls: All recalls and expiry dates set at the time of treatment
  • To be filed: All your documents processed but not filed in Folders
  • Personal tasks: Manually set personal tasks not linked to a document