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The Confederation supports us in a research project!

At Addmin, we have thought from the beginning of the solution as your assistant, allowing you to have access by default to a categorization of folders that facilitate the filing. This initial work initiated by our team is now officially supported by INNOSUISSEThe Swiss Confederation's innovation arm, which will support us for a one-year project!

Doing your tax return or taking stock of your insurance products is always a demanding task.

Find important information, identify it, organise it.

That is why we will soon start a research project to clarify this. For you.

The concept is quite simple:

  1. Mapping all documents with which an individual may interact
  2. Deduce directly correlated rules and tasks. Example: having a dog induces a dog tax (yes yes!)
  3. Define the scenarios and "life moments" that define these rules. Having children for example some administrative considerations
  4. Establish a more personal, dynamic classification and above all ensure that it is up to date, according to your documents

Scientifically, it is a question of establishing the ONTOLOGIES and contextualisation, two sub-branches of KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING. Don't worry, most of us didn't know these terms until today, did we?

In short, it is about developing a perfect understanding of all the elements that make up your paperwork and modelling this in order to best assist you in organising and tracking your important documents! And this in a 100% secure and confidential way. Finally, this project also aims to simplify the intelligent access of your documents to service providers such as trustees or insurance advisors.

To make life easier for you and your partners!

In the meantime, we provide you here with a link to a "TAX CHECKLIST of one of our favourite trustees based not far from us, near Lausanne : PLUS SA.

If you want to know more about this project, please contact us. And if you know someone who could collaborate with us on this project, do not hesitate to contact OUR JOB OFFER !