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Classify a digital document, a paradigm shift.

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Classifying your documents in a 100% digital format can be confusing. The intangibility - or lack of paper - can lead to a feeling of loss of control as you no longer have the option of viewing your documents in physical filing cabinets.

But it's just a matter of habit. And there are only advantages to managing your documents in digital format. When you classify your documents, it's all about having a simple, orderly and understandable system, guaranteeing you convenient indexing and lightning-fast searching. These are the undeniable advantages of digital. So here are the important points to consider to ensure that your documents are indexed in the best possible way.

No more classic tree structure: make way for "Tags"!

We have created a default folder structure for you. But make no mistake, Addmin is much more powerful than that. Instead of your binders and dividers, reference multiple pieces of information to a document for more efficient indexing. Don't know if a document belongs in your "Home" folder or your "Insurance" folder? No problem, file it in both. Especially if you have several insurance documents of the same type at different addresses.

In Addmin, you associate tags to your documents, which are then "fed" with additional information. Compared to a classic tree structure, your documents can be classified in several folders and be defined as an invoice and a contract at the same time. It's magic, and above all, it's practical!

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The text of your documents is indexed!

There is nothing more frustrating than having a warranty for a major purchase and spending a morning tracking it down to claim it, for example, from your insurance company. But no more, because with the ability to search the text directly, Addmin allows you to get your hands on it very quickly.

Your iPhone warranty can usually be found easily by searching for "iPhone" in the search bar. If you happen to have a lot of documents with the word iPhone in them, simply having it filed under "Miscellaneous > Purchases" along with the date of the document should allow you to find that important document in seconds. So don't forget this essential text search feature!

A powerful search!

No more searching for a document at a specific physical location, such as a filing cabinet in your office for example. With Addmin, imagine that instead of a document being filed in a "unique" location, you can isolate the documents you are looking for according to the property you have given it.

For example, you will be able to retrieve all of your telephone subscription provider's invoices for the year 2019 in a few seconds. You can also extract all your insurance contracts in a few clicks.

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See also: Custom folders and Smart Scans