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Centralise your important documents easily

Powerful mobile scanner

With Addmin's integrated scanner, you can scan any document you still receive in paper format, such as invoices, receipts or receipts. You can also quickly digitize all your documents currently stored in binders to eliminate paper.

  • Click the + sign at the bottom of the home screen
  • Place the document to be scanned on a flat surface
  • Preferably position yourself above it for the scanner
  • Place the document in the blue frame displayed on the screen
  • Click on the button if needed to take automatically

Addmin reception email

Your Addmin email address is a personal email address that you can use to forward PDF attachments in your emails or use it with your suppliers to send documents directly to Addmin. In short, it is the equivalent of your mailbox, in digital format. Currently, up to 7MB of data can be redirected to this address.

  • Access your personal e-mail address in the My Account section
  • You can copy this address into the Addmin application

When you redirect an e-mail to your personal address, the attached PDF document is found in your current tasks, in the documents to be processed and in your recent documents.

Tips: you can use this Addmin e-mail address to receive "Scan to E-mail" from your document scanner!

Import a document

On Addmin, you can also import digital documents from different sources such as the phone but also from other cloud platforms. This makes it easier to transfer documents that you may already have in digital format.

Import from the mobile application

  • From the home screen of the application, click on the + icon
  • Press Import document
  • A window opens and you can choose the desired document source
  • To go back, click on Cancel

Import from the web application

  • Adding a document is done from the + located on the menu (on the left of the screen)