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How Addmin helps you to be more organised

You would think that the age we live in would eliminate the vast majority of paper used, but the reality is that there is still a massive amount of it. Every day, billions of sheets of paper are produced, often filed away in a cupboard, stored in a drawer or kept in boxes for future use.

All this paperwork is necessary, even in today's world. There are tax records, invoices, personnel files and other similar types of documents that need to be kept, often filed in file cabinets and storage containers where the documents are kept safely. However, it is also tedious to try to find them when you need a quick document at hand.

The solution to the problem

Finding all these documents can be a real headache. Even if you only file your own documents at home, the amount of paper can build up over time. Over a 10-year period, you can have thousands of pages.

What you need is a better classification system and a better way to store all these documents. That's what Addmin offers.

We create a centralized and organized system that simplifies your ability to keep track of all your personal documents. We help you by providing a better way to store your important documents.

While new technologies have not eliminated paperwork, they have helped to make the storage of these documents much more efficient. We build on these technologies, using devices such as optical character recognition software, a powerful scanner and artificial intelligence to create an automatic classification system tailored to your documents.

Our system is a more efficient way to file your important documents. It makes it easier for you to find the document(s) you need when you need them.

The system is constantly learning!

Using artificial intelligence, we are able to better classify your documents. The system looks for common patterns in your document, creating a classification based on what it learns. It is then able to create a classification system that allows you easy access with just a few clicks.

Better still, as the system learns, it stores more efficiently. This means that when you need to search for a particular file, you can use the "search and find" function to quickly find the documents you are looking for. Finding the exact location you need at the time you need it will only take a few seconds at most. This will help to significantly reduce the time spent on your personal administration.

Technology may not have eliminated paperwork, but you can now simplify and reduce your efforts by letting us help you better organize your documents. You'll find that Addmin is the perfect solution to this problem. Contact us today.