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Sort and distribute all your incoming documents to the right place, automatically.

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Why Addmin?

Put an end to manual, time-consuming & repetitive tasks such as classification, workflow management & content access. Enjoy powerful features for a simplified paperless office.

Easy to use interface
Fast & cheap integration
Zero updates & zero maintenance

Productivity and comfort

Regardless of your document organization, Addmin is for companies that want to enter the era of the future, where documentation is digital, automated and compliant.

All types of documents and formats
Automatic classification and data extraction
Document flow management and task tracking

Our mission? To help you take the first step towards a paperless office, easily.

It doesn't matter what your situation is.

From entrepreneurs to the largest teams and demanding individuals, rely directly on their experience.

Francois B.
Head Administration

We process several thousand invoices and returns per month. Addmin has drastically simplified the centralisation and allows us to save a considerable amount of time, especially in relation to data extraction. A godsend for our daily operations 👍

Jean-Marin G.

Addmin has brought our service as an administrative expert for demanding individuals into the future, where traditional cloud storage seems archaic. Our customer relations and document organisation are optimised and simplified!

Testimonials - Myriam
Marie M.
Private user
Testimonials stars

Finally a useful application to manage our papers. Very well organised and presented. I have created an account for my family as the app is so easy to use! Thanks to the Addmin team who are very responsive 👏

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Let's streamline your document organisation together! Move to a paperless environment where information and processes are easy to manage.

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